I am a biologist turned project manager and campaign coordinator.

I am into nutrition, climate change solutions, sustainable behaviours.

I love being in the mountains, gardening, practicing yoga, and being creative.



I am an engineer turned animal researcher turned data scientist. 

I am into complexity, animal behaviour, data science, Bitcoin, transhumanism.

 I love mountains, running, teaching science, and thinking about the future.



I am a physicist turned quant, turned complexity scientist, with a philosophical bent. 

I am into connecting the dots, collective intelligence, environmental issues, and technology.

 I love snowboarding, electronic music, interacting with people, and writing



I am an Australian shepherd turned full-time furry sidekick. 

I am into frisbee, balls, sticks, running in snow, making people laugh. 

I love catching stuff, hiding stuff, finding hidden stuff, and running after cats.


People contributing to Slow Motion Projects


Jose, translation

Thanks to Jose, our website is also available for German speakers

Christine, proof-reading, field work

Christine never misses a mistake in our French-language documents. She also helped to design the space for the Green Education Centre's exhibition (China).

Hugues, field work

Hugues renovated the electrical supply and lights for the exhibition developed at the Green Education Center.

Guy, admin, field work

Guy helps Slow Motion Projects with our administrative work in France. Besides, he was in charge of planing and advising to develop the organic educational garden at the Green Education Center.

Marie-Josee, field work

Marie-Josee designed educational models exhibited in the sustainability room of the Green Education Center.