Bring children closer to nature

 Partner: Bayasgalant, Kinderhilfe Mongolei

The recent fast growth of Ulan Bator, the capital city of Mongolia, has caused many social and environmental problems. Drawn by the prospect of finding jobs and better lives, migrants from rural areas often settle in the outskirts of the city. There, countless children live with very little food, poor sanitation, no school, and no chance for a better future.

The Swiss NGO Bayasgalant — "joy" in Mongolian — helps those children to live and build their future. Since September 2009, Bayasgalant has been running a day care centre where 75 children aged 6-16 receive healthy meals, basic care, clean clothes and education. In the centre, local social workers and teachers support kids in acquiring knowledge, doing their homework and help them to integrate or re-integrate public school. They also help them to acquire important values: respect for each other, and respect for their environment. 

On-going projects

Day trips in nature for children around Ulan Bator

During the school holidays, Slow Motion Projects work with the local social workers and teachers from the Bayasgalant day care centre to organise outdoor excursions outside Ulan Bator. The children get the chance to learn interactively about environmental topics, such as local wildlife and flora, or natural resources. They engage in activities close to their environment: cleaning natural places from garbage and installing signs to encourage people not to release their wastes in the nature.

Your action

  • Allow 60 kids to participate in the day trips (transport, housing, food, warm clothes) 
  • Give jobs to the locals who will work with us in organising the excursions
  • Develop a booklet about environmental topics and environment-friendly behaviours to be given as a present to the kids, at the end of the day.

Completed projects

Environmental education at the Bayasgalant day care centre

At the Bayasgalant day care centre, Slow Motion Projects has built a new library corner dedicated to learning about nature and environmental topics. In the newly acquired part of the day care centre dedicated to the little ones, Slow Motion Projects helped creating an outdoor playground for the young children. We have set up the necessary infrastructure for gardening activities, and also brought to the day care centre expansion equipment for the kids to observe and connect with nature.

Thanks to your support, we:

•    Provided children with books about nature, wildlife and conservation in their country
•    Built a greenhouse in the outdoor playground and provide gardening material
•    Allowed the kids to set up nesting houses to observe the local birds.


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