Hi everyone!

This is the first of what we hope will be a long series of blog posts sharing the adventures and encounters of Slow Motion Projects while on the road.
Winter has finally arrived in Switzerland, and for us this year it is very special. We're entering the final few months of preparations before we leave Zurich and start on our journey... In slow motion!

We're really psyched to have established solid partnerships in the last couple of months with organisations in Mongolia, China, and India (have a look at the projects page). It's always hard to plan efficiently how to maximise one's impact during such a journey, and we're really glad to have found such supportive interlocutors at Harganat Ecolodge, Yunnan EcoNetwork, and noon.ch. More to come!

Talking about support, we retreated to the Swiss mountains last weekend so we could give this website the last push before it went online, but also to test some of the gear that will help us along the way. We were thrilled to take our new tunnel tent out for a spin, in the frigid temperatures of Valais. As far as storm-proof shelters go, this one didn't disappoint! Which is a good thing, considering how much time we'll be spending in it over the course of the next four seasons.

We'll be sharing more about the preparations soon. Stay tuned!